The National Latino Peace Officers Association

(NLPOA) has successfully remained a strong and goal orientated non-profit organization for the past 40 years. The successes that the association has been able to obtain and accomplish by staying true to the organization’s Mission and Goals have been outstanding. However, these accomplishments have only been obtained through the hard work of its membership who gives of their time and expertise to make it happen.

The NLPOA, through its many chapters has created programs

For the community, youth, students and law enforcement. These programs provide mentorship, scholarships, direction and commitment that in turn encourages community involvement in areas that affect their daily lives, students to strive for a better and higher education, as well as programs to assist law enforcement agencies in meeting their commitment to the community and improve in the services they provide.

There are individuals who voice the opinion

That NLPOA should do something for them if they are members or thinking of joining.  “What does the NLPOA do for me” that is a phrase that I frequently hear.

In truth though, it is like a lot of things that affect our lives

Your career, your education, your family, how successful you are, or will be, depends on what you bring to the table; in other words, what are you willing to commit and contribute so that both you and the organization will succeed.

As a member of NLPOA the level of participation you dedicate

to the association will determine how successful you will be. The NLPOA provides you the stage in order for you to perform; additionally it provides you the development, as you go through the process of active participation, and involve yourself at chapter, state or federal levels. Through active involvement you enhance your knowledge of administrative skills, learn to conduct orderly meetings through the use of Robert Rules of Order and other organizational and leadership skills.

The more you participate in the association

the greater extensive and refine is the experience gained. In many situations, NLPOA Representatives are tasked to interact with the media. This necessitates developing skills to assist you in representing the NLPOA in the best light possible; however, this exposure also helps to present you as a professional and knowledgeable representative of the organization.  In time, media experience continues to grow and this exposure begins to provide you the experience necessary to deliver presentations in a short and concise manner, and to gain the most of those few interview seconds, which the media allows during a live airing

Successful budget planning is one of the most important facets of any business, home or organization.

The ability to determine the most efficient and effective way of utilizing available or expected funding determines your success, or failure in carrying out your responsibilities as an officer of the association. Knowledge of these qualities is the receipt to succeed.  In the same way, accurate and timely financial reporting and accountability are very essential of any activity in which NLPOA monies are utilized

Networking and interacting with the community that you protect and serve

the NLPOA positively exposes you to individuals in community, business and education that expect the best out of it’s public safety employees. Your active membership in the NLPOA provides you, through its many community and scholarship programs, to become better acquainted with the community and the many facets of their daily lives.  This positive interface with such persons enhances your department’s image and certainly makes it easier to communicate in these arenas.As a result of your participation in the NLPOA you will also be provided the opportunity of experiencing meeting and interacting with city mayors, legislatures and other policy and decision makers as part of your responsibilities within the association.  This will enhance your knowledge of how the national, state and local governments work and will provide you a broader view of laws and policies and how to impact them in a positive manner.

These are only a few of what NLPOA can do for you,

but as my grandfather Don Eleuterio used to say, “alludate que te alludare” help yourself and I will help you. And so it is with the NLPOA and throughout life you get that which you work for.

This then brings me to “What does the National Latino Peace Officers Association do for me?"

Having sat through many promotional oral interviews as a member of the California Highway Patrol, as well as a member of interview boards for other allied agencies I can unequivocally state that the experience you bring before the board will positively or negatively impact your interview.

Aside from patrol duties, the oral board views a candidate’s other accomplishes and experiences that he or she possesses.

A board member may ask, “what other qualities and leadership skills do you have that will assist you in the position you are seeking?” This question opens the door and provides that candidate, to excel and move to the front of the promotional ladder; this is where the many administrative, organizational and personnel experiences, as well as training gained in active involvement within the NLPOA administrative positions come to the forefront.

A better question that should be asked by NLPOA members and potential members is

“What can I contribute to make the association that much better”.Vincente Calderon – Founder